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Hello, ServerlessSeptember

ยท 3 min read
Nitya Narasimhan
Devanshi Joshi

๐Ÿ‚ It's September?โ€‹

Well, almost! September 1 is a few days away and I'm excited! Why? Because it's the perfect time to revisit #Serverless September, a month of

".. content-driven learning where experts and practitioners share their insights and tutorials on how to use serverless technologies effectively in today's ecosystems"

If the words look familiar, it's because I actually wrote them 2 years ago when we launched the 2020 edition of this series. You might even recall this whimsical image I drew to capture the concept of September (fall) and Serverless (event-driven on-demand compute). Since then, a lot has happened in the serverless ecosystem!

You can still browse the 2020 Content Collection to find great talks, articles and code samples to get started using Serverless on Azure. But read on to learn what's new!

๐Ÿง What's New?โ€‹

Well - quite a few things actually. This year, Devanshi Joshi and I expanded the original concept in a number of ways. Here's just a few of them that come to mind.

New Websiteโ€‹

This year, we created this website (shortcut: to serve as a permanent home for content in 2022 and beyond - making it a canonical source for the #serverless posts we publish to tech communities like, Azure Developer Community and Apps On Azure. We hope this also makes it easier for you to search for, or discover, current and past articles that support your learning journey!

Start by bookmarking these two sites:

More Optionsโ€‹

Previous years focused on curating and sharing content authored by Microsoft and community contributors, showcasing serverless examples and best practices. This was perfect for those who already had experience with the core devtools and concepts.

This year, we wanted to combine beginner-friendly options (for those just starting their serverless journey) with more advanced insights (for those looking to skill up further). Here's a sneak peek at some of the initiatives we've got planned!

We'll also explore the full spectrum of serverless - from Functions-as-a-Service (for granularity) to Containerization (for deployment) and Microservices (for scalability). Here are a few services and technologies you'll get to learn more about:

โšก๏ธ Join us!โ€‹

This has been a labor of love from multiple teams at Microsoft! We can't wait to share all the resources that we hope will help you skill up on all things Serverless this September! Here are a couple of ways to participate: