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Welcome Students!

· 3 min read
Sara Gibbons

✨ Serverless September For Students

My love for the tech industry grows as it evolves. Not just for the new technologies to play with, but seeing how paths into a tech career continue to expand. Allowing so many new voices, ideas and perspectives to our industry. With serverless computing removing barriers of entry for so many.

It's a reason I enjoy working with universities and students. I get to hear the excitement of learning, fresh ideas and perspectives from our student community. All you students are incredible! How you view serverless, and what it can do, so cool!

This year for Serverless September we want to hear all the amazing ways our student community is learning and working with Azure Serverless, and have all new ways for you to participate.

Getting Started

If you don't already have an Azure for Students account you can easily get your FREE account created at Azure for Students Sign up.

If you are new to serverless, here are a couple links to get you started:

No Experience, No problem

For Serverless September we have planned beginner friendly content all month long. Covering such services as:

You can follow #30DaysOfServerles here on the blog for daily posts covering concepts, scenarios, and how to create end-to-end solutions.

Join the Cloud Skills Challenge where we have selected a list of Learn Modules for you to go through at your own pace, including deploying a full stack application with Azure Static Web Apps.

Have A Question

We want to hear it! All month long we will have Ask The Expert sessions. Submit your questions at any time and will be be sure to get one of our Azure Serverless experts to get you an answer.

Share What You've Created

If you have written a blog post, recorded a video, have an open source Azure Serverless project, we'd love to see it! Here is some links for you to share your creations

🧭 Explore Student Resources

⚡️ Join us!

Multiple teams across Microsoft are working to create Serverless September! They all want to hear from our incredible student community. We can't wait to share all the Serverless September resources and hear what you have learned and created. Here are some ways to keep up to date on all Serverless September activity: