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01. It's 30DaysOfServerless!

ยท 5 min read
Nitya Narasimhan
Devanshi Joshi

What We'll Coverโ€‹

  • What is Serverless September? (6 initiatives)
  • How can I participate? (3 actions)
  • How can I skill up (30 days)
  • Who is behind this? (Team Contributors)
  • How can you contribute? (Custom Issues)
  • Exercise: Take the Cloud Skills Challenge!
  • Resources: #30DaysOfServerless Collection.

Serverless September

Welcome to Day 01 of ๐Ÿ‚ #ServerlessSeptember! Today, we kick off a full month of content and activities to skill you up on all things Serverless on Azure with content, events, and community interactions! Read on to learn about what we have planned!

Explore our initiativesโ€‹

We have a number of initiatives planned for the month to help you learn and skill up on relevant technologies. Click on the links to visit the relevant pages for each.

We'll go into more details about #30DaysOfServerless in this post - don't forget to subscribe to the blog to get daily posts delivered directly to your preferred feed reader!

Register for events!โ€‹

What are 3 things you can do today, to jumpstart your learning journey?

Serverless Hacks


#30DaysOfServerless is a month-long series of daily blog posts grouped into 4 themed weeks - taking you from core concepts to end-to-end solution examples in 30 days. Each article will be short (5-8 mins reading time) and provide exercises and resources to help you reinforce learnings and take next steps.

This series focuses on the Serverless On Azure learning journey in four stages, each building on the previous week to help you skill up in a beginner-friendly way:

We have a tentative roadmap for the topics we hope to cover and will keep this updated as we go with links to actual articles as they get published.


Here's a sneak peek at what we have planned for week 1. We'll start with a broad look at fundamentals, walkthrough examples for each targeted programming language, then wrap with a post that showcases the role of Azure Functions in powering different serverless scenarios.

  • Sep 02: Learn Core Concepts for Azure Functions
  • Sep 03: Build and deploy your first Function
  • Sep 04: Azure Functions - for Java Developers!
  • Sep 05: Azure Functions - for JavaScript Developers!
  • Sep 06: Azure Functions - for .NET Developers!
  • Sep 07: Azure Functions - for Python Developers!
  • Sep 08: Wrap: Azure Functions + Serverless on Azure

Ways to Participate..โ€‹

We hope you are as excited as we are, to jumpstart this journey. We want to make this a useful, beginner-friendly journey and we need your help!

Here are the many ways you can participate:

  • Follow Azure on - we'll republish posts under this series page and welcome comments and feedback there!
  • Discussions on GitHub - Use this if you have feedback for us (on how we can improve these resources), or want to chat with your peers about serverless topics.
  • Custom Issues - just pick a template, create a new issue by filling in the requested details, and submit. You can use these to:
    • submit questions for AskTheExpert (live Q&A) ahead of time
    • submit your own articles or projects for community to learn from
    • share your ServerlessHack and get listed in our Hall Of Fame!
    • report bugs or share ideas for improvements

Here's the list of custom issues currently defined.

Community Buzz

Let's Get Started!โ€‹

Now you know everything! We hope you are as excited as we are to dive into a full month of active learning and doing! Don't forget to subscribe for updates in your favorite feed reader! And look out for our first Azure Functions post tomorrow!