Appendix G: Configuring NetApp Filers for Avere SMB ACLs

This document explains how to configure NetApp storage to support ACL-based security for SMB when used with an Avere cluster.

SMB ACL Requirements for NetApp Clustered Mode Configuration

The following constraints apply to SMB/CIFS ACL support for clustered ONTAP:

  • ONTAP version 8.3.1 or higher is required.
  • Only NetApp “NTFS” security style is supported (mixed mode is unsupported).
  • Native Identity is required. (If username download is configured on the Avere cluster, you can use a separate vserver for ACL support.)
  • Username download on the NetApp core filer is optional.

All general NFS export requirements must be met (i.e. NAS core filer export rules must allow root access for cluster and client facing addresses). Remember that each Clustered Mode volume can have a diferent export policy, so you might need to update multiple policies and not just the policy associated with the root volume.

Note that Avere SMB/CIFS ACL migration requirements require a core filer SMB share that provides access to the NFS export /.

Configuring NetApp Storage for SMB ACLs

The following instructions will show the commands needed to ensure that a NetApp volume and share can be used by an Avere cluster for SMB ACLs.

For clarity, these commands will use a volume called /vol/myvol, with an SMB share myshare.

Ensure that SMB is enabled on the filer.

Ensure that the volume is configured to enable read, write, and root access:

exportfs -q /vol/myvol
exportfs -p sec=sys,rw,anon=0,nosuid,root= /vol/myvol
exportfs -q /vol/myvol

Ensure that the security style for the volume is NTFS:

qtree security /vol/myvol

If necessary:

qtree security /vol/myvol ntfs

Ensure that the volume security allows access to Everyone with Full Control:

fsecurity show /vol/myvol

Ensure that there is an SMB share for the volume:

cifs shares myshare

If necessary:

cifs shares -add myshare /vol/myvol

Avere SMB uses the NFSv3 protocol from the Avere cluster to filers for file and directory operations, and uses SMB (version 1) from the Avere cluster to the filers for ACL operations. Avere requires that the UNIX root user bypass ACL processing on the filer. Avere recommends that root access is isolated to all of the “cluster” IP addresses and “management” IP address (as opposed to the “client-facing” IP addresses) of the Avere cluster.

options cifs.nfs_root_ignore_acl on

Ensure that the root user is mapped to a AD domain administrator account. This example uses a domain name of ACME:

rdfile /vol/vol0/etc/usermap.cfg

If necessary:

wrfile -a /vol/vol0/etc/usermap.cfg “ACME\Administrator == root”

Here are some commands to run on the filer to ensure that LDAP is working correctly:

priv set advanced
getXXbyYY getpwbyname_r ‘AvereUser’
getXXbyYY getpwbyuid_r <pw_uid value returned from previous command>
getXXbyYY getgrbygid <pw_gid value returned from previous command>
getXXbyYY getgrbyname ‘<group name returned from previous command>’
wcc -u ‘AvereUser’
wcc -s ‘AvereUser’
cifs lookup ‘AvereUser’
cifs lookup ‘<group name>’
updated 2017-11-15