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Local Authentication

The CLI allows to mock and read authentication and authorization credentials.

Mocking credentials

When requesting the Static Web Apps login endpoints (http://localhost:4280/.auth/login/<PROVIDER_NAME>), you have access to a local authentication UI. This interface is served locally from the emulator and allows you to set fake user information for the current user from the provider supplied.

swa cli architecture

Reading credentials

The front-end application can request the http://localhost:4280/.auth/me endpoint and a clientPrincipal containing the fake information will be returned by the authentication API.

Here is an example:

"clientPrincipal": {
"identityProvider": "twitter",
"userId": "<USER-UUID>",
"userDetails": "<USER_NAME>",
"userRoles": ["anonymous", "authenticated"],
"claims": [
"typ": "name",
"val": "Azure Static Web Apps"

The API functions can access user information using the x-ms-client-principal header.

See Accessing user information documentation for more details.