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Run SWA CLI in Docker

Docker enables you to run the Static Web Apps CLI bundled with a full development environment for Node.js, Python and .NET on your local machine, with minimal setup needed.

First, you need to have Docker installed and running on your host machine. Follow the instructions in the Docker documentation to do that.

Once Docker is running on your machine, open a command prompt and run the following command:

docker run --rm -p 4280:4280 -it swacli/static-web-apps-cli:latest

This command will create a new container on your host machine from the image swacli/static-web-apps-cli using the latest version of the CLI, as specified by the :latest tag, and run it in interactive mode.


You can also use a specific version of the CLI by using :<version> tag instead of :latest. See all available versions here.

Once the image has finished downloading, you will be prompted with a bash prompt. You can run the following commands to show the current version of the CLI:

swa --version

You can now invoke any of the CLI commands by typing them in the prompt.

Connecting your local filesystem to the container

By default, the container is running in an isolated environment, so you can't access the host machine's filesystem. We can however change that by starting the container with the -v/--volume/ flag.

docker run --rm -p 4280:4280 -it -v $(pwd):/workspace -w /workspace swacli/static-web-apps-cli:latest

The flag -v $(pwd):/workspace will mount the current working directory on the host machine to the container's /workspace directory. This means that you can now access the host machine's filesystem from the container. Then using the -w /workspace flag we are telling the container to change its working directory to the /workspace directory, so you'll be able to run the CLI commands from the current folder of your host.