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Training Materials


Did you know you can Earn a Facilitator Badge from Credly, that you can put on your LinkedIn profile to show that you completed the Azure Responsible AI Workshop Training? Once you do that, you can then run events to help others skill up and Earn a Course Completion Badge for their professional profiles. Here are some resources to help.

Host a Workshop!

Want to host this Responsible AI Dashboard workshop with your community? Here are three things you can do to get ready:

  • Share Your Event With Us - We can add that to our Calendar of events.
  • Use the Discussion Board - Give the community a place to ask questions & share insights.
  • Copy & Customize Slides - Change title slide to have your profile - then adapt slides.

Customize and Present

If you are a trained Facilitator you can now 🔻 Download The Training Powerpoint Deck and customize it to suit your audience and delivery style. Here are a few changes we suggest you make, to start with.

  • Update the Title Slide - Replace the speaker name and image, with yours
  • Add links to Your Resources - Share any articles, repos or links you found useful
  • Customize The Use Case - Connect examples for responsible AI to stories in your region.

Share With Audience

The link below goes to a hosted version of the slides on SpeakerDeck that matches the video walkthrough that you see in the sidebar. This can be useful for the audience to review if they are working on the labs in a self-guided manner during the event:

  1. Hosted Slides - click for a downloadable PDF.
  2. Video Walkthrough - click for timestamped video.