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Responsible AI Developer Hub

UPDATE: This repository is archived effective July 1, 2024. For Responsible AI resources, visit

Building AI Solutions? Let's Build Responsibly!

Self-Guided Workshops

Responsible AI Dashboard

Responsible AI Dashboard

This hands-on lesson teaches how to debug and mitigate a ML model issues using error analysis, data analysis, model explainability, model performance and fairness assessment.

Azure Content Safety for Azure OpenAI

Azure Content Safety for Azure OpenAI

This is a hands-on lesson on prompt engineering, detecting jailbreaks, offensive or inappropriate content in text and images quickly and efficiently. Includes mitigating content harm such as sexual, violent, hate, and self-harm content.

Azure Machine Learning Prompt Flow

Azure Machine Learning Prompt Flow

This is a hands-on lesson on creating executable flows that link LLMs, vector embeddings, prompts, and Python tools through a visualized graph. As well as, evaluating performance through large-scale testing.

Our Community Partners

Zindi Africa

Zindi hosts the largest community of African data practitioners, working to solve the world’s most pressing challenges using machine learning and AI. We want to showcase African data talent to the world.

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors

Join our global community of students passionate about building AI-driven solutions with Microsoft technology. Accelerate innovation and grow the skills for greater impact in projects and communities that matter to you.

Microsoft For Startups

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub helps startups radically accelerate innovation by providing access to industry-leading AI services, expert guidance, and the essential technology needed to build a future-proofed startup.