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6. Use Runtime Config File

Azure Static Web Apps can be configured with an optional staticwebapp.config.json file. For more information, see Configure Static Web Apps documentation.

6.1 Default File Location

If you are serving static files from a folder, the CLI will search this folder for staticwebapp.config.json.

# this assumes that ./my-dist or its subfolders contains a staticwebapp.config.json file
swa start ./my-dist

If you are using a front-end dev server, the CLI will search the current directory for staticwebapp.config.json.

# current working directory is searched for staticwebapp.config.json
swa start http://localhost:3000

6.2 Specify File Location

To control where the CLI searches for staticwebapp.config.json, use --swa-config-location.

# static files
swa start ./my-dist --swa-config-location ./my-app-source

# front-end dev server
swa start http://localhost:3000 --swa-config-location ./my-app-source