Azure Key Vault Provider for Secrets Store CSI Driver

Azure Key Vault provider for Secrets Store CSI Driver allows you to get secret contents stored in an Azure Key Vault instance and use the Secrets Store CSI driver interface to mount them into Kubernetes pods.

Project Status

Azure Key Vault ProviderCompatible Versions
v1.5.21.21+v1, v1alpha1 [DEPRECATED]
v1.4.11.21+v1, v1alpha1 [DEPRECATED]

For Secrets Store CSI Driver project status and supported versions, check the doc here


  • Mounts secrets/keys/certs to pod using a CSI Inline volume
  • Supports mounting multiple secrets store objects as a single volume
  • Supports multiple secrets stores as providers. Multiple providers can run in the same cluster simultaneously.
  • Supports pod portability with the SecretProviderClass CRD
  • Supports Linux and Windows containers
  • Supports sync with Kubernetes Secrets
  • Supports auto rotation of secrets

Managed Add-ons

Azure Key Vault provider for Secrets Store CSI Driver is available as a managed add-on in: