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Microsoft learning materials for data science.

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Learn Analytics Materials

This site is a map of data science learning content produced by and curated by the Learn Analytics team at Microsoft. The goal is to provide a single place where you can go to navigate the materials that we develop. In order to facilitate this, we have broken the text into several sections:

Microsoft Business Analytics and AI

If you want to learn more about other tools, please see:

Microsoft R and SQL Server ML Services

If you want to learn more about Microsoft R Server and/or SQL Server ML Services, here are a list of additional resources:

An introduction to open source R is available here.


If you are an aspirant learning to gain skills around data science or big data, you can get more information from our professional program on data science, powered by courses on EdX.org.

If you are a professional looking for more information on how you can demonstrate your expertise, you can get more information on our analytics-oriented certifications here.

In order to help prepare for some of those exams, we have prepared the following:


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