Cortana Intelligence Suite Education

From the Microsoft Machine Learning and Data Science Team

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CISW101 - CIS Foundations

Start here - this material covers the entire Cortana Intelligence Suite of products, along with the Team Data Science Process.

The Cortana Intelligence Suite - Foundations (Course Materials)

Data Science Orientation (Online Course)

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PBI102 - Power BI

This material covers visualizing and interacting with your data using Power BI.

Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI (Online Course)

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CISR302 - Microsoft R (Architecure and Administration)

These courses will guide you through planning and managing the Microsoft R Platform

Microsoft R Server for the SQL Server Architect (Course Materials)

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SQLW301 - Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse

This material covers using and managing the Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

The Azure SQL Data Warehouse (Course Materials)

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HDPW302 - Hadoop (Microsoft HDInsight)

This material covers using and managing HDInsight, from Programming to Architecture.

Processing Big Data with Azure HDInsight (Online Course)

Implementing Predictive Solutions with Spark in Azure HDInsight (Online Course)

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COR401 - Cognitive Intelligence, Intelligent Programming and Bots

This material covers writing solutions using Intelligent Programming and Bots.

Bot Education (Course Materials)

Developing Intelligent Apps (Online Course)

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COR402 - The Internet of Things (IoT)

This material covers writing solutions for Internet Connected Devices and Application.

Predictive Analytics for IoT (Course Materials)

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