Returns the details of the workspace.




The Workspace object.


Named list of the workspace details.


The returned named list contains the following elements:

  • id: URI pointing to the workspace resource, containing subscription ID, resource group, and workspace name.

  • name: Workspace name.

  • location: Workspace region.

  • type: URI of the format "{providerName}/workspaces".

  • workspaceid: Workspace ID.

  • description: Workspace description.

  • friendlyName: Workspace friendly name.

  • creationTime: Time the workspace was created, in ISO8601.

  • containerRegistry: Workspace container registry.

  • keyVault: Workspace key vault.

  • applicationInsights: Workspace App Insights.

  • identityPrincipalId: Workspace identity principal ID.

  • identityTenantId: Workspace tenant ID.

  • identityType: Workspace identity type.

  • storageAccount: Workspace storage account.