Returns the default datastore associated with the workspace.

When you create a workspace, an Azure blob container and Azure file share are registered to the workspace with the names workspaceblobstore and workspacefilestore, respectively. They store the connection information of the blob container and the file share that is provisioned in the storage account attached to the workspace. The workspaceblobstore is set as the default datastore, and remains the default datastore unless you set a new datastore as the default with set_default_datastore().




The Workspace object.


The default Datastore object.


Get the default datastore for the datastore:

ws <- load_workspace_from_config()
ds <- get_default_datastore(ws)

If you have not changed the default datastore for the workspace, the following code will return the same datastore object as the above example:

ws <- load_workspace_from_config()
ds <- get_datastore(ws, datastore_name = 'workspaceblobstore')

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