Return a list of child runs of the HyperDrive run sorted by their best primary metric. The sorting is done according to the primary metric and its goal: if it is maximize, then the child runs are returned in descending order of their best primary metric. If reverse = TRUE, the order is reversed. Each child in the result has run id, hyperparameters, best primary metric value, and status.

Child runs without the primary metric are discarded when discard_no_metric = TRUE. Otherwise, they are appended to the list behind other child runs with the primary metric. Note that the reverse option has no impact on them.

  top = 0L,
  reverse = FALSE,
  discard_no_metric = FALSE



The HyperDriveRun object.


An integer of the number of top child runs to be returned. If 0 (the default value), all child runs will be returned.


If TRUE, the order will be reversed. This sorting only impacts child runs with the primary metric.


If FALSE, child runs without the primary metric will be appended to the list returned.


The named list of child runs.