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All forms of feedback are welcome through issues - please follow the pre-defined templates where applicable.

Pull requests#

Pull requests (PRs) to this repo require review and approval by the Azure Machine Learning team to merge. Please follow the pre-defined template and read all relevant sections below.

Make PR's against the main branch.

git clone
cd azureml-cheatsheets
git checkout -b user/contrib
gh pr create
  • When a PR arrives against main GitHub actions (deploy) will test the build is successful
  • When the PR is merged the change will be automatically deployed to gh-pages branch (and the webpage will be updated)

99% of contributions should only need the following:

  • Add markdown files to the website/docs/cheatsheets folder
  • Update the sidebar.js file to add a page to the sidebar
  • Put any images in website/docs/cheatsheets/<path-to-cheat-sheet-directory>/img/ and refer to them like this: ![](img/<image-name>.png)

If you need to do anything more than adding a new page to the sidebar (e.g. modify the nav bar) then please refer to the Docusaurus 2 documentation.

Previewing changes locally#

  • Install npm and yarn.

  • Initial Docusaurus installation: (First time only)

    cd website
    npm install
  • Run local server while developing:

    cd website
    yarn start

See Docusaurus instructions here for more details.