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CodeStream, livestream your code

This is a sample application to demonstrate how to use Azure Web PubSub to livestream your code to others.

How to use

  1. Create an Azure Web PubSub resource
  2. Go to "Keys" tab and copy the connection string
  3. Run the following command with the connection string
    npm install
    node server "<connection-string>"
  4. Open http://loalhost:8080, try to write some code in the code editor
  5. Share the link at the top of the page to others, they will see how you code in real time

How it works

Server side

The server is express.js server which only does two things:

  1. Serve a static web page (public/index.html)
  2. A REST API (/negotiate) which returns a url to connect to Web PubSub

Client side

The most logic of this app is happening at client side. In client there're two roles:

  1. Streamer. Streamer is the one who writes code and broadcasts to others. It uses WebSocket.send() to send the changes from the code editor (by hooking the editor.on('change') event) to a group (whose ID is generated in negotiate) in Azure Web PubSub. And for performance consideration, it buffers the changes and send them in a batch every 200 milliseconds. The main implementation can be found at startStream() in public/index.html.

  2. Watcher. Watcher is the one who watches streamer to code. It receives the changes from Azure Web PubSub and applies them one by one to the code editor (by calling the applyDelta() function). Since the changes is only a delta from the previous content there needs to be a way to get the full content from streamer when watcher is connected for the first time. So in this app when watcher is connected it will send a sync message to streamer (through another group called {id}-control) and streamer will send the full content to the group. The main implementation can be found at watch() in public/index.html.

Since the change is a delta the order of the message matters. So there is a version system (see the version variable and how it's used in public/index.html) to ensure the messages are processed in order. (For example, it won't apply changes until it receives the full content with a proper version.)