Azure Monitor Baseline Alerts
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Prerequisites?

An AVD deployment and the Owner Role on the Subscription containing the AVD resources, VMs and Storage. You must have also pre-configured the AVD Insights as it will enable diagnostic logging for the Host Pools and associated VMs in which the alerts rely on.

What’s deployed to my Subscription?

Names will be created with a standard ‘avdmetrics’ in the name and vary based on input for things like site, environment type, etc.

Resource Group starting with the name “rg-avdmetrics-” with the following:

  • Automation Account with a Runbook (for Host Pool Information not otherwise available)
  • Identity for the Automation Account in which the name will start with “aa-avdmetrics-”
  • Logic App that execute every 5 minutes (Host Pool Info Runbook)

The Automation Account Identity will be assigned the following roles at the Subscription level:

  • Desktop Virtualization Reader
  • Reader and Data Access (Storage Specific)

What’s the cost?

While this is highly subjective on the environment, number of triggered alerts, etc. it was designed with cost in mind. The primary resources in this deployment are the Automation Account and Alerts. We recommend you enable alerts in stages and monitor costs, however the overall cost should be minimal.

  • Automation Account runs a script every 5 minutes to collect additional Azure File Share data and averages around $5/month
  • Alert Rules vary based on number of times triggered but estimates are under $1/mo each.