Azure Monitor Baseline Alerts
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Azure Virtual Desktop


This solution provides a baseline of alerts for AVD that are disabled by default and for ensuring administrators and staff get meaningful and timely alerts when there are problems related to an AVD deployment. The deployment has been tested in Azure Global and Azure US Government and will incorporate storage alerts for either or both Azure Files and/or Azure Netapp Files. This solution initially was part of the Azure Virtual Desktop Solution Accelerator as a brownfield and moved to this location.

Current Version:
v2.1.5 (Dec 5, 2023)

Alerts Table

Table below shows the Alert Names however the number of alert rules created may be multiple based on different severity and/or additional volume or storage name designators. For example, a deployment with a single Azure Files Storage Account and an Azure NetApp Files Volume would yield 20 alert rules created. (Excel Table)

NameThreshold(s) (Severity)Signal TypeFrequency# Alert Rules
AVD-HostPool-Capacity (1.)95% (1) / 85% (2) / 50% (3)Log Analytics5 min3/hostpool
AVD-HostPool-Disconnected User over n Hours (hostpoolname)24 (1) / 72 (2)Log Analytics1 hour2/hostpool
AVD-HostPool-No Resources Available (hostpoolname)Any are Sev1Log Analytics15 min1/hostpool
AVD-HostPool-VM-Available Memory Less Than nGB (hostpoolname)1gb (Sev1) / 2gb (Sev2)Metric Alerts5 min2/hostpool
AVD-HostPool-VM-FSLogix Profile DiskCompactFailed (hostpoolname)(2)Log Analytics5 min1/hostpool
AVD-HostPool-VM-FSLogix Profile FailedAttachVHD (hostpoolname)(1)Log Analytics5 min1/hostpool
AVD-HostPool-VM-FSLogix Profile Less Than n% Free Space (hostpoolname)2% (1) / 5% (2)Log Analytics5 min2/hostpool
AVD-HostPool-VM-FSLogix Profile Failed due to Network Issue (hostpoolname)(1)Log Analytics5 min1/hostpool
AVD-HostPool-VM-FSLogix Profile Service Disabled (hostpoolname)(1)Log Analytics5 min1/hostpool
AVD-HostPool-VM-Health Check Failure (hostpoolname)(1)Log Analytics5 min1/hostpool
AVD-HostPool-VM-High CPU nn Percent (hostpoolname)95 (1) / 85 (2)Metric Alerts5 min2/hostpool
AVD-HostPool-VM-Local Disk Free Space n% (hostpoolname)5 (1) / 10 (2)Log Analytics15 min2/hostpool
AVD-HostPool-VM-Personal Assigned Not Healthy (hostpoolname)Any are Sev 1Log Analytics5 min1/hostpool
AVD-HostPool-VM-OS Disk Bandwidth Avg n% (hostpoolname)95 (1) / 85 (2)Metric Alerts5 min2/hostpool
AVD-HostPool-VM-User Connection Failed (hostpoolname)Any are Sev 3Log Analytics15 min1/hostpool
AVD-HostPool-VM-Missing Critical Updates (hostpoolname)Any are Sev 1Log Analytics1 day1/hostpool
AVD-Storage-Low Space on ANF Share-XX Percent Remaining-{volumename}5 / 15Metric Alerts1 hour2/vol
AVD-Storage-Low Space on Azure File Share-X% Remaining-{volumename} (1.)5 / 15Log Analytics1 hour2/share
AVD-Storage-Over XXms Latency for Storage Act-{storacctname}100ms / 50msMetric Alerts15 min2/stor acct
AVD-Storage-Over XXms Latency Between Client-Storage-{storacctname}100ms / 50msMetric Alerts15 min2/stor acct
AVD-Storage-Possible Throttling Due to High IOPs-{storacctname} (2.)na / custom :two:Metric Alerts15 min1/stor acct
AVD-Storage-Azure Files Availability-{storacctname}99 / naMetric Alerts5 min1/stor acct
AVD-ServiceHealth-Health AdvisorynaService Healthna4
AVD-ServiceHealth-Planned MaintenancenaService Healthna4
AVD-ServiceHealth-SecuritynaService Healthna4
AVD-ServiceHealth-Service IssuenaService Healthna4


  1. Alert based on associated Automation Account / Runbook
  2. See the following for custom condition. Note that both Standard and Premium values are incorporated into the alert rule. ‘How to create an alert if a file share is throttled’
    Service Health - The alert severity cannot be set or changed from ‘Verbose’

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