Azure Monitor Baseline Alerts
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Azure Monitoring Packs

FastTrack for Azure - Monitoring Starter Packs (MonStar Packs)


  • Minimize the initial ramp up required for customers, in multiple aspects of the Azure technologies to deploy basic monitoring.

  • Minimize the need for the Customer to determine the minimal monitoring items for a certain type of workload

  • Provide best practices out of the box on items that need monitoring for different workloads. The Monitoring Packs work closely wit the Azure Monitor Baseline Alerts AMBA and the Azure Monitor teams to provide a comprehensive and aligned monitoring solution.

  • Create a framework for collaboration that will make it easy to add new monitored technologies.

For a details about the solution, please refer to Azure Monitoring Packs

Pre-requisites and recommendations

  • Azure Subscription - an Azure subscription to deploy the components
  • A Management group structure with at least one management group. Most of the elements like policies and permissions need to be deployed at a management group level.


The Main solution can be deployed by clicking the link below.

Deploy to Azure

Deploy to Azure Gov

Monitoring Packs