Azure Monitor Baseline Alerts
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What´s new

For information on what’s new please refer to the Releases page.

To update your current deployment with the content from the latest release, please refer to the Update to new release page.


New features

  • The Service Health Policy Set Definition now includes parameters to set the Policy Effect. With this you can choose which Server Health alert rules are deployed. Note that the default value for the parameters is “deployIfNotExists”. The parameter file has been updated.
  • Added alert rules in the Landing Zone Policy Set Definition.
    • Front door (Microsoft.Cdn/profiles)
    • Front door classic (Microsoft.Network/frontdoors)
    • Traffic Manager (Microsoft.Network/trafficmanagerprofiles)
    • App Service (Microsoft.Web/serverfarms)

Bug fixes

  • Update path in sample-workflow Issue #30
  • Update sample commands in Start-AMBARemediation.ps1 Pull #49
  • Fixes to Role Assignment cleanup, cleanup script Issue #42
  • Fixed VSCode template validation error Issue #43

Documentation updates