Azure Monitor Baseline Alerts
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Updating from release 2024-03-01

No post update action required for Greenfield customers or for Brownfield customers that prefer to continue using notification assets deployed by the ALZ pattern code.

Post update actions

Updating from release 2024-03-01 might require running a post update script to remove the notification assets deployed by ALZ pattern if and only if customer decided to use existing action groups and alert processing rule. In this case, the Service Health alerts will be reconfigured to use the customer’ action groups as per the Bring Your Own Notifications (BYON) feature.

To run the script, complete the following step:

  1. Open PowerShell
  2. Install the Az.ResourceGraph module: Install-Module Az.ResourceGraph (if not present)
  3. Change directories to the location of the Remove-AMBANotificationAssets.ps1 script
  4. Configure the $pseudoRootManagementGroup variable using the command below:
$pseudoRootManagementGroup = "The pseudo root management group id parenting the identity, management and connectivity management groups"
  1. Sign in to the Azure with the Connect-AzAccount command. The account you sign in as needs to have permissions to remove Policy Assignments, Policy Definitions, and resources at the desired Management Group scope.

  2. Execute the script using one of the options below:

Since PowerShell scripts released as part of the ALZ pattern are not digitally signed they might require you to temporarily change the execution policy if not already set to Unrestricted. Before running the script, check the execution policy settings using this command:


If the result is everything but Unrestricted, run the following command to change it to Unrestricted

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

At this point, you should be able to run your scripts with no issues. After you finished, you can set the execution policy back to what it was if you like to do so.

Generate a list of the resource IDs which would be deleted by this script:

./Remove-AMBANotificationAssets.ps1 -pseudoRootManagementGroup $pseudoRootManagementGroup -ReportOnly

Show output of what would happen if deletes executed:

./Remove-AMBANotificationAssets.ps1 -pseudoRootManagementGroup $pseudoRootManagementGroup -WhatIf

Delete notification asset resources deployed by the ALZ pattern without prompting for confirmation:

./Remove-AMBANotificationAssets.ps1 -pseudoRootManagementGroup $pseudoRootManagementGroup -Force