Azure Monitor Baseline Alerts
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Telemetry Tracking Using Customer Usage Attribution (PID)

Microsoft can identify the deployments of the Azure Resource Manager and Bicep templates with the deployed Azure resources. Microsoft can correlate these resources used to support the deployments. Microsoft collects this information to provide the best experiences with their products and to operate their business. The telemetry is collected through customer usage attribution. The data is collected and governed by Microsoft’s privacy policies, located at the trust center.

To disable this tracking, we have included a parameter called telemetryOptOut to the deployment template in this repo with a simple boolean flag. The default value No which does not disable the telemetry. If you would like to disable this tracking, then simply set this value to Yes and this module will not be included in deployments and therefore disables the telemetry tracking.

If you are happy with leaving telemetry tracking enabled, no changes are required.

For example, in the alzArm.json file, you will see the following:

"telemetryOptOut": {
    "type": "string",
    "defaultValue": "No",
    "allowedValues": [
    "metadata": {
        "description": "The customer usage identifier used for telemetry purposes. The default value of False enables telemetry. The value of True disables telemetry."

The default value is No, but can be changed to Yes in the parameter file. If set to Yes the deployment below will be ignored and therefore telemetry will not be tracked.

    "condition": "[equals(parameters('telemetryOptOut'), 'No')]",
    "apiVersion": "2020-06-01",
    "name": "[variables('deploymentNames').pidCuaDeploymentName]",
    "location": "[deployment().location]",
    "type": "Microsoft.Resources/deployments",
    "properties": {
       "mode": "Incremental",
       "template": {
          "$schema": "",
          "contentVersion": "",
          "resources": []

Module PID Value Mapping

The following are the unique ID’s (also known as PIDs) used in the AMBA deployment

Azure Monitor Baseline Alertsd6b3b08c-5825-4b89-a62b-e3168d3d8fb0
Connectivity Policy Initiative2d69aa07-8780-4697-a431-79882cb9f00e
Identity Policy Initiative8d257c20-97bf-4d14-acb3-38dd1436d13a
Management Policy Initiatived87415c4-01ef-4667-af89-0b5adc14af1b
LandingZone Policy Initiative7bcfc615-be78-43da-b81d-98959a9465a5
ServiceHealth Policy Initiative860d2afd-b71e-452f-9d3a-e56196cba570
Notification Assets Policy Initiativeeabaaf0b-eed4-48a9-9f91-4f7e431ba807