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The Azure Synapse Influencer program recognizes Azure Synapse Analytics community members who actively support one another by sharing Synapse-related content, announcements, and product news via social media.

Azure Synapse Influencers range in expertise and engagement level, but they all share one common goal—to help others get connected and expand their knowledge of Azure Synapse. In addition to recognizing users who regularly create and post content, this program encourages new users to get involved in community discussions.

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Why should I become an Azure Synapse Influencer?

If you’re passionate about Azure Synapse Analytics and helping your peers learn and do more with cloud analytics, this program is for you. The Azure Synapse Influencer Program brings together like-minded data professionals through social media to create a community of influencers who help each other solve challenges, get connected with a global network of users, and achieve more through Azure Synapse. Azure Synapse Influencer members will also have opportunities to collaborate directly with the Azure Synapse engineering team to create new content and highlight their expertise on specific topics.

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What are the benefits?

  • Official recognition for your support of the Azure Synapse community
  • An exclusive badge for each membership tier
  • Azure Synapse Influencer spotlights and visibility through official Synapse channels
  • Exclusive access to the Synapse engineering team, including events and Q&As
  • Content collaboration opportunities with other Azure Synapse Influencers and the Synapse team

What does it take to be an Azure Synapse Influencer?

Azure Synapse Influencers and advocates of all levels are welcome to join the Azure Synapse Influencer Program. If you’re interested in helping to build an active community by engaging with and producing Synapse-related content, we encourage you to apply.

Membership levels:

Tier Membership Requirements
Level I - Contender
  • Amplify @Azure_Synapse or #AzureSynapse social posts (2 likes or shares/month*)
  • Amplify Azure team blogs and/or Azure Synapse channel YouTube videos (1/month)
Level II - Challenger
  • All engagement from Level I
  • Post Synapse Analytics-specific content (1 post/month)
Level III - Champion
  • All engagement from Level II
  • Post original Synapse content—blog, video, webinar (1 post/month)

* Shares must include a Quoted Retweet with an original comment to qualify

How do I apply?

Becoming an Azure Synapse Influencer is easy! Simply complete the sign-up form below, select your membership level, follow @Azure_Synapse on Twitter, and start (or continue) engaging. Share Azure Synapse-related posts and content using the hashtag #SynapseInfluencers. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to collect your exclusive badge and add it to your social media account.

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Upcoming events

Stay tuned here and follow us on our @Azure_Synapse Twitter account for announcements on upcoming Azure Synapse Influencer events in 2023.

Contact us

If you have any questions related to the program, your membership, or you want to share Azure Synapse Analytics-related feedback, please contact us at


  1. How does the Azure Synapse Influencer program differ from the Microsoft MVP program?

    Anyone who is interested in getting connected with the Azure Synapse Analytics community is encouraged to join the program and begin sharing Azure Synapse Analytics-related content. Community members, users, and advocates of all experience levels are eligible to become Azure Synapse Influencers. The only program requirements are that members meet the minimum engagement levels and are interested in helping others get connected and expand their knowledge of Azure Synapse Analytics.
  2. When does my Azure Synapse Influencer membership expire?

    Azure Synapse Influencer membership is valid for as long as you choose to engage with the program. If you no longer wish to participate in the program, please contact us at to let us know. New member badges will be made available each year and members will be required to recommit in order to receive their updated badge.
  3. Can I still become an Azure Synapse Influencer if I don't have a Twitter account?

    Yes! If you are sharing and engaging with Azure Synapse-related content and want to connect with other community members, we encourage you to join the program. (Please share your public-facing social handle and platform in the Twitter handle form field.)