SONiC Newsletter - June 2020

2020 OCP Virtual Summit

12-15 May, 2020

Keynote Presentation

Panel Discussion

Industry Demo Collection

SONiC community hopes all community members are staying safe during this COVID-19 pandemic hard time. Our sincere prayers for the wellness of all our members and the families.

Amidst this pandemic, SONiC community has very well adapted to the new normal and successfully completed the 2020 OCP virtual Summit in May!

Happy to see the march towards the 202006 release with many design reviews & new pull requests, issues triaging & fixing, with new focused sub-workgroups on Chassis, Test, Platform, issue triage,etc.,

More Community News:

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Dell, Nokia throw their support behind SONiC ecosystem

Innovium Delivers Production Grade SONiC/SAI for TERALYNX based Switch Systems

InsidePacket extends SONiC use cases, enabling new edge-cloud network services

Keysight Technologies Joins SONiC Open Source Network Operating System Community

Mellanox Drives Data Center Innovation and Disaggregation with Integrated SONiC Open Networking Solution

Nokia, Dell, Apstra Get SONiC With Microsoft

Nokia extends commitment to datacenter networks with contributions to SONiC ecosystem led by Microsoft

OCP Summit 2020 Inspur Virtual Showcase

SoftIron Bets On SONiC With Hyperscale Switches

Stordis on SONiC



Celestica x86_64-cel_seastone_2-r0
Marvell 98cx8580

SONiC 202006 Release:

Community has been working hard to complete the features planned in the Roadmap which is being tracked in Release Tracking. A branch will be pulled by end of June 2020 with the completed features and the incomplete features shall catch the next train.

Features Planned - BFD SW 100ms interval from FRR, Build Improvements, Consistent ECMP support, Container warm restart, CoPP config/management, D-Bus to Host Communications, Debian 10 upgrade - base image, driver & dockers, Dynamic headroom calculation, Dynamic port breakout, Egress shaping, EVPN/VXLAN, FRR BGP NBI, Fw utils extension, Gearbox, L2 functional and performance enhancements, Management framework (Phase 2), Media enhancements, PDDF advance to SONiC Platform 2.0, BMC, PDK - Platform development environment, & driver development framework, Port mirroring, Pytest 100% moved from ansible to Pytest, RADIUS AAA, SPytest, System health & system LED, etc.,

SONiC 201911 Release:

Special thanks to all community members who contributed to the Previous Release 201911.

14 Jan 2020

Hackathon & New Workgroups

28 Jan 2020


04 Feb 2020

Debian 10 buster HLD

11 Feb 2020

SONiC Line card Hot Swap HLD

25 Feb 2020

Gear Box Design

10 Mar 2020

Monitoring, Auto-Mitigating Unhealthy Containers

17 Mar 2020

Add QoS Scheduler and Shaper HLD

24 Mar 2020

SONiC Port mirroring HLD

31 Mar 2020

System Health and System LED Monitoring

07 Apr 2020


14 Apr 2020

D-Bus Host to Container Communications HLD

21 Apr 2020

Management Framework-Phase II HLD

28 Apr 2020

Fine grained ECMP HLD

05 May 2020

MCLAG Enhancements HLD

12 May 2020

SONiC Configuration Replace HLD

19 May 2020

Dynamic buffer calculation HLD

26 May 2020


02 June 2020

BGP Unnumbered HLD

09 June 2020

PDDF v2.0

16 June 2020

Enhancements to Optical Transceiver Information Model


HLD Discussion Videos