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Designing and Architecting Intelligent Agents

About this course

Each session should be beneficial in relative isolation, so as long as appropriate prerequisites are met, an individual should be able to complete a given session without needing to complete the others.

This highly interactive 1-day course covers how to deal with complexities during bot design, specifically with regards to natural language understanding (NLU), architectures, and intelligence. You will participate in deep dive discussions and cases around the principles of good bot design and LUIS schema design. You will also become familiar with the recommended reference architectures and customer case studies from the Product Group, and you’ll learn when and how to use and integrate various Cognitive Services to make bots smarter.


The goal of this course is to enable you to architect intelligent bot solutions. We will do this with technical, deep, discussion-based sessions and activities that help you advance your skills for architecting and designing intelligent bots with natural language understanding, search capabilities, and more. This course is not “Getting Started with…” the various services and assume a 100-200-level familiarity with the products prior to getting started.

Audience and Level

This 300-level course is intended for Architects that need to design chatbot-based solutions on Microsoft Azure. 300-level is defined at Microsoft as:

Advanced (300) – Material designed for participants with advanced proficiency or applied experience around a specific topic or subject matter, seeking to hone their knowledge or skill.

Labs for Level 300 sessions include:


Multiple Azure technologies are used in this course with a focus on Azure Bot Services, the Microsoft Bot Framework, LUIS, and Cognitive Services.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will:


This course requires that you meet the following prerequisites:


Please note: The schedule for this agenda is subject to change pending class activities and interaction.


The LearnAI team had intense participation in the creation of the following new Microsoft certifications and its required tests:

Cognitive Services Compliance

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