OPC Twin Microservice


Namespace: Microsoft.Azure.IIoT.Services.OpcUa.Twin


The following diagram shows the twin service in relationship to the other components.


OPC Twin Microservice in cloud exposes a REST API to call the following OPC UA services on activated endpoints in an OPC Twin edge module.

Supported OPC UA Services

  • Read and Write a “Value” on a Variable node
  • Call a “Method Node”
  • Read and Write Node “Attributes
  • History Read and Update service calls to interact with Historians
  • Batching of any of the above calls.
  • Browse first / next (with and without reading the browsed target nodes)
  • Get meta data of methods (to display input arguments to a user)

Docker image

docker pull mcr.microsoft.com/iot/opc-twin-service:latest

Next steps