Azure Industrial IoT Platform Components


The platform is made up of several cloud components that divide into Microservices providing REST API and Agent services that can provide processing and daemon like functionality. Check out the architecture for how these components relate.


Azure Industrial IoT Microservices use Azure IoT Edge and IoT Hub to connect the cloud and factory networks.

The following Microservices are part of the platform:

These microservices use business logic and components included in this repository to provide discovery, registration, and remote control of industrial devices through REST APIs that can be implemented in any programming language and framework that can call an HTTP endpoint.

All REST calls can proccess JSON and MsgPack as mime type.

OPC UA types are encoded as per Part 6 with some exceptions.

Agent services

The following Agents are part of the platform and handle event processing as well as non user driven tasks:

Other components

An alternative to hosting individual containers in a cluster is the “all in one service container”, which is a single web service that hosts all micro services and agents in its process.

A sample web application is provided in the form of the Azure Industrial IoT Engineering Tool, which is deployed using the deployment script.

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