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Zero To Hero

About This Series

Zero-to-Hero is a series of blog posts from our Product Engineering teams, that will be published on the Microsoft Tech Community: Apps On Azure blog and links updated below for convenience.

Azure Functionsโ€‹

Published OnTopicAuthor / Link
Sep 5, 2022A walkthrough of Durable Entities Lily Ma
David Justo
Sep 12, 2022Building serverless Go applications with Azure functions with Custom Handlers Melony Qin
Sep 15, 2022๐ŸŽค Ask The Expert
Live Q&A with Azure Functions Team
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Sep 19, 2022Error Handling with Apache Kafka extension for AzureRamya Oruganti
Sep 26, 2022Monitoring & Troubleshooting apps in Azure Functions Madhura Bharadwaj

Azure Container Appsโ€‹

Published OnTopicAuthor
Sep 5, 2022Go Cloud-Native With Azure Container AppsKendall Roden
Sep 12, 2022Journey to the cloud with Azure Container AppsAnthony Chu
Sep 19, 2022Observability with Azure Container AppsMike Morton
Sep 26, 2022End-to-End solution development with codeKendall Roden
Sep 29, 2022๐ŸŽค Ask The Expert
Live Q&A with Azure Container Apps Team
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