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Serverless Hacks


Watch The Serverless Hacks Walkthrough playlist on YouTube!

In this series of 12 videos, Microsoft Cloud Advocate Gwyneth Peña-Siguenza walks you through building a .NET version of a Tollbooth app using Azure technologies as one approach to the Serverless Hacks Challenge.


Don't forget to bring your questions and insights to the weekly office hours to keep going. Explore the walkthrough videos below for inspiration.

1. Overview​

2. Setup: Local Env​

3. Build: Hello World​

4. Provision: Resources​

5. Configure: Settings​

6. Deploy: Use VSCode​

7. Use: Azure Functions​

8. Use: App Insights​

9. Use: Logic Apps​

10. Debug: View Errors​

11. Query: Cosmos DB​

12. It's a Wrap!​