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Learn to build an enterprise-grade solution on Azure by deconstructing an open-source reference sample.

Build KubernetesLearn to build


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Get Started with Open AI and AKS

Learn how to integrate Azure Open AI with the AKS Store demo application.

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Security with AKS Workload Identity

Learn how to use Workload Identity to better secure access to your Azure OpenAI service.

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Fault Tolerant Intelligent Apps

Use open source and Azure-based tools to find faults and improve resilience.

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Secure Network Access

Enhance the network security of intelligent apps in AKS.


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Get Started With Contoso Real Estate

Learn about the Contoso Real Estate sample, fork the repo, launch GitHub Codespaces - and build/preview the application to validate environment.

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Develop The Portal Application

Learn about micro-frontends and API-first design. Deconstruct the portal app, blog app, and serverless API.

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Integrate Auth, Payments, Search

Integrate authentication to support user profiles. Integrate payments and search features using 3rd party API.

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Automate, Test & Deploy to Azure

Learn to design and run end-to-end tests with Playwright. Provision and deploy solution to Azure with AZD.