Azure Verified Modules
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Last updated: 01 May 2024

Module Lifecycle

This page is still a work in progress

Request/Propose a New AVM Resource or Pattern Module

Please review the Process Overview for guidance on proposing a new AVM module.

Orphaned AVM Modules

It is critical to the consumers experience that modules continue to be maintained. In the case where a module owner cannot continue in their role or do not respond to issues as per the defined timescale in the Module Support page , the following process will apply:

  1. The module owner is responsible for finding a replacement owner and providing a handover.
  2. If no replacement can be found or the module owner leaves Microsoft without giving warning to the AVM core team, the AVM core team will provide essential maintenance (critical bug and security fixes), as per the Module Support page
  3. The AVM core team will continue to try and re-assign the module ownership.
  4. While a module is in an orphaned state, only security and bug fixes MUST be made, no new feature development will be worked on until a new owner is found that can then lead this effort for the module.
  5. An issue will be created on the central AVM repo (Azure/Azure-Verified-Modules) to track the finding of a new owner for a module

Notification of a Module Becoming Orphaned

When a module becomes orphaned, the AVM core team will communicate this through an information notice to be placed as follows.

  • In case of a Bicep module, the information notice will be placed in an file and in the header of the module’s - both residing in the module’s root.
  • In case of a Terraform module, the information notice will be placed in the header of the file, in the module’s root.

The information notice will include the following statement:


- Only security and bug fixes are being handled by the AVM core team at present.
- If interested in becoming the module owner of this orphaned module (must be Microsoft FTE), please look for the related "orphaned module" GitHub issue [here](!

Also, the AVM core team will amend the issue automation to auto reply stating that the repo is orphaned and only security/bug fixes are being handled until a new module owner is found.