Azure Verified Modules
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Last updated: 17 Jun 2024

Module Indexes

The following table shows the number of all available, orphaned and planned AVM Bicep and Terraform Modules.

LanguageClassificationAvailable 🟒Orphaned πŸ‘€Proposed πŸ†•SUM πŸ“‡

#LabelsLink and description
1.Type: New Module Proposal πŸ’‘ Needs: Module Owner πŸ“£To become the owner of a new module, see all new modules looking for owners or check out the “Looking for owners” swimlane here.
2.Status: Module Orphaned πŸ‘€To become the owner of an orphaned module, see all orphaned modules or check out the “Orphaned” swimlane here.
3.Needs: Module Contributor πŸ“£To become a co-owner or contribute to a module, see all modules looking for contributors.

For more details on “What are the different ways to contribute to AVM?”, see here.