Azure Verified Modules
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Last updated: 01 May 2024

Known Issues

Unfortunately, there will be times where issues are out of the AVM core team and module owners/contributor’s control and the issue may be something that has to be lived with for a longer than ideal duration - for example, in case of changes that are due to the way the Azure platform, or a resource behaves, or because of an IaC language issue.

This page will detail any of the known issues that consumers may come across when using AVM modules and provide links to learn more about them and where to get involved in discussions on these known issues with the rest of the community.

Issues related to an AVM module must be raised on the repo they are hosted on, not the AVM Central (Azure/Azure-Verified-Modules) repo!

Although, if you think a known issue is missing from this page please create an issue on the AVM Central Azure/Azure-Verified-Modules repo.

If you accidentally raise an issue in the wrong place, we will transfer it to its correct home. 👍


Bicep what-if compatibility with modules

Bicep/ARM What-If has a known issue today where it short-circuits whenever a runtime function is used in a nested template. And due to the way Bicep modules work, all module declarations in a Bicep file end up as a resulting nested template deployment in the underlying generated ARM template, thereby invoking this known issue.

GitHub Issue for Further Information & Discussion

The ARM/Bicep Product Group has recently announced on the issue that they are making progress in this space and are aiming provide a closer ETA in the near future; see the comment here.

While this isn’t an AVM issue, we understand that consumers of AVM Bicep modules may want to use what-if and are running into this known issue. Please keep adding your support to the issue mentioned above (Azure/arm-template-whatif #157), as the Product Group are actively engaging in the discussion there. 👍

Other Related GitHub Issues


Currently there are no known issues for AVM Terraform modules. 🥳