Azure Verified Modules
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Last updated: 13 Oct 2023

Validate Bicep Module Locally

Use this script to test a module from your PC locally, without a CI environment. You can use it to run only the static validation (Pester tests), a deployment validation (dryRun) or an actual deployment to Azure. In the latter cases the script also takes care to replace placeholder tokens in the used module test & template files for you.



You can find the script under avm/utilities/tools/Test-ModuleLocally.ps1

How it works

If the switch for Pester tests (-PesterTest) is provided the script will

  1. Invoke the module test for the provided template file path and run all tests for it.

If the switch for either the validation test (-ValidationTest) or deployment test (-DeploymentTest) is provided alongside a HashTable for the token replacement (-ValidateOrDeployParameters), the script will

  1. Either fetch all module test files of the module’s tests folder (default) or you can specify a single module test file by leveraging the -ModuleTestFilePath parameter instead.
  2. Create a dictionary to replace all tokens in these module test files with actual values. This dictionary will consist
    • of the subscriptionID & managementGroupID of the provided ValidateOrDeployParameters object,
    • add all key-value pairs of the -AdditionalTokens object to it,
    • and optionally also add all key-value pairs specified in the settings.yml, under the ’local tokens settings'.
  3. If the -ValidationTest parameter was set, it runs a deployment validation using the Test-TemplateDeployment script.
  4. If the -DeploymentTest parameter was set, it runs a deployment using the New-TemplateDeployment script (with no retries).
  5. As a final step, it rolls the module test files back to their original state if either the -ValidationTest or -DeploymentTest parameters were provided.

How to use it

For details on how to use the function, please refer to the script’s local documentation.

The script must be loaded (’dot-sourced’) before the function can be invoked.

. 'C:/dev/Test-ModuleLocally.ps1'
Test-ModuleLocally (...)