Get Community driven Docker images for Web app for Containers

1 minute read • March 27, 2018

You can now find community driven docker images to try out on Web App for Containers on Github. These images follow best practices for Web app for containers , contain SSH for debugging purposes.

How to deploy

These docker images can be found on Docker hub on  Use the latest tag for the most recent version of the image when deploying it to Web app on Azure. To deploy your application using these community images , follow the steps below
  • Login to Azure portal
  • Create a new web app from Web app for Containers template 
  • Under configure container , select
    • Image source as Docker Hub
    • Repository access as public
    • Enter docker image name in this format : appsvcorg/django-python:0.1 or  appsvcorg/django-python:latest 
  • Click on Create to start the deployment
  • View the for the docker image you have selected on github if there are additional configurations to be made after the web app is created.

How to contribute

To make sure your docker image is included , please follow these guidelines. Any docker image that are out of compliance will be added to the blacklist and be removed from Docker hub repository . Here is the end to end process flow for contributing to this docker hub repository . When you contribute a new docker image , as the owner of that docker image your responsibilities include:
  • review issues reported on the docker image on Github
  • fix and resolve bugs or compliance issues with the docker image
  • keep the docker image up to date
Get started on how to contribute to the Github repository.

How to remove a docker image from Docker hub

Docker images can be removed from Docker hub and Github repository  when either if the two cases below is applicable :
  • If the owner/primary maintainer of the docker image does not wish to maintain the docker image and remove it since they no longer support it. Please report it to to remove the docker image from Docker hub and Github repositories .
  • If docker image is outdated , or is has bugs unresolved for more than 3 months the docker image will be removed .

How to report issues

If you want to report issues , please report an issue here. Provide all the necessary information as shown in this template to report an issue in order for us to help with resolving the issue.