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Infrastructure for serialization/deserialization, error handling, tracing, and http client pipeline configuration. Required by nodeJS client libraries generated using AutoRest.

  • Node.js version: 4.x.x or higher

How to Install

npm install ms-rest


var msrest = require('ms-rest');



  • Type checking
    • (String, Number, Boolean, ByteArray, Base64Url, Date, DateTime, Enum, TimeSpan, DateTimeRfc1123, UnixTime, Object, Stream, Sequence, Dictionary, Composite, Uuid(as a string))
  • Validation of specified constraints
    • ExclusiveMaximum, ExclusiveMinimum, InclusiveMaximum, InclusiveMinimum, MaxItems, MaxLength, MinItems, MinLength, MultipleOf, Pattern, UniqueItems
  • Flattening/Unflattening properties
  • Default Values
  • Model Properties marked as constant are set during serialization, irrespective of they being provided or not
  • Required check (If a model or property is marked required and is not provided in the object then an error is thrown)
  • Readonly check (If a model or property is marked readonly then it is not sent on the wire during, serialization)
  • Serializing Constant values

  • serialize an array of dictionary of primitive values

    var mapper = {
    type : {
      name: 'Sequence', 
      element: {
        type : {
          name: 'Dictionary',
          value: {
            type: {
              name: 'Boolean'
    var array = [{ 1: true }, { 2: false }, { 1: true, 2: false, 3: true }];
    var serializedArray = msRest.serialize(mapper, array, 'arrayObj');
    assert.deepEqual(array, serializedArray);
    var serializedProduct = msrest.serialize(mapper, productObj, 'productObject');
    var deserializedArray = msRest.deserialize(mapper, serializedArray, 'serializedArrayObj');

    For more examples on serialization/deserialization with complex types please take a look over here.

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