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new KeyVaultClient(credentials, optionsopt)

Initializes a new instance of the KeyVaultClient class.

Name Type Attributes Description
credentials credentials

Credentials needed for the client to connect to Azure.

options object <optional>

The parameter options

Name Type Attributes Description
filters Array <optional>

Filters to be added to the request pipeline

requestOptions object <optional>

Options for the underlying request object
Options doc

noRetryPolicy boolean <optional>

If set to true, turn off default retry policy

apiVersion string <optional>

Client Api Version.

acceptLanguage string <optional>

Gets or sets the preferred language for the response.

longRunningOperationRetryTimeout number <optional>

Gets or sets the retry timeout in seconds for Long Running Operations. Default value is 30.

generateClientRequestId boolean <optional>

When set to true a unique x-ms-client-request-id value is generated and included in each request. Default is true.