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new ApplicationTokenCredentials(clientId, domain, secret, optionsopt)

Creates a new ApplicationTokenCredentials object.
See Active Directory Quickstart for .Net
for detailed instructions on creating an Azure Active Directory application.

Name Type Attributes Description
clientId string

The active directory application client id.

domain string

The domain or tenant id containing this application.

secret string

The authentication secret for the application.

options object <optional>

Object representing optional parameters.

Name Type Attributes Description
tokenAudience string <optional>

The audience for which the token is requested. Valid value is 'graph'. If tokenAudience is provided
then domain should also be provided its value should not be the default 'common' tenant. It must be a string (preferrably in a guid format).

environment AzureEnvironment <optional>

The azure environment to authenticate with.

authorizationScheme string <optional>

The authorization scheme. Default value is 'bearer'.

tokenCache object <optional>

The token cache. Default value is the MemoryCache object from adal.