Azure Data Lake


Azure Data Lake comprises three cloud-based services (HDInsight, Data Lake Analytics, & Data Lake Store) that make it easy to handle store an analyze any kind of data in Azure.  To get a quick overview of the services see the Azure Data Lake page on

The Azure Data Lake Blog

To keep up with the latest updates and announcements see our Data Lake Blog. We post there regularly.

Documentation & Presentations

You can find our documentation about the services on Store | Analytics

The Data Lake OneDrive

We keep many Training materials available  on our ADL OneDrive

The U-SQL Language

If you are interested in learning the U-SQL language, everything you need is at


You can find videos on our Azure Data Lake YouTube channel.

Channel 9 covers many data lake topics on the Data Exposed Show and you can find videos in the Data Lake Video Series


Source Code and Samples

We've published some key samples here.

Our GitHub repo contains many samples you can use to manage the service and develop with U-SQL. 


We have multiple SDKs available to allow you to control and automate Azure Data Lake using different languages and operating systems.

If you are interesting in using the .NET SDK, check out the sample code for data-lake-dotnet-client. This simple wrapper around the .NET SDK makes it very easy to get started.


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